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What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy?
Coaching focuses on explicit solutions to identified problems, bound by present circumstances. Coaching sessions focus on discovering strengths, identifying goals, and designing solutions based in the present.

Therapy focuses on changing life-long patterns of behavior, not limited to specific, present circumstances. In therapy, a wide array of interventions are available to address issues and promote client self-awareness.
What if my personality just isn’t compatible with my child’s?
Understanding personality helps take the judgment and negativity OUT of relationships. Using Myers-Briggs and Kiersey Temparament Assessments, Amy helps people discover their personality preferences, and identify ways in which they are compatible with others in family and business relationships.
How long will I continue to meet with my coach?
Coaching sessions are typically an hour in length. Most coaching clients meet with Amy between 6 and 10 times. Each client determines when they are ready to implement changes on their own, without continued coaching.
What if my co-parent doesn’t follow the parenting plan?
Amy will help you identify strategies for communication and alternative plans when necessary.
Does Amy handle emergencies?
Amy will respond to phone calls within 24 hours during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. weekdays. At that time, clients may schedule a phone or in-person appointment. For emergency decisions, call local authorities, including 911 or the police.
What if my child or I need medication?
Amy will make a referral to a psychiatrist for issues that may involve medication.
What if my co-parent is already in counseling with another therapist?
Amy values collaboration with other professionals. Clients may sign a release form for Amy to speak with other mental health professionals as needed.
Can Amy help me make decisions in my divorce?
Amy refers clients to an attorney for any legal advice. When a client has the legal options, rights and procedures they need, Amy guides clients to use the information to make appropriate decisions in a divorce. Amy does not give legal advice.
What if the other parent is unsafe for my child?
Contact the police if you suspect anyone is harming your child. Contact an attorney to determine legal rights and procedures for keeping the child safe.