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Mom and two boys

Who is listening to you today?

Amy has created a business of listening. She listens to clients, and helps them listen to themselves, gaining clarity and focus. She inspires parents to listen to children, and encourages co-parents and family members to listen to one another.

Out of listening, comes understanding. Out of understanding, comes action. Out of action, comes change for the better.

Amy has been listening to parents since 1994, when she first began teaching The Art of Positive Parenting, now a program of Action for Children. As Amy listens to parents, she creates examples from which to teach positive parenting skills that are relevant, realistic, and meaningful.

In 2008 Amy became a PCI Certified Parent Coach® through The Parent Coaching Institute of Seattle Pacific University. In her parent coaching training, Amy became immersed in a way of thinking of people and families as Living Systems, and began using an “appreciative inquiry” model to invite parents to dig deeply into their own experiences and values to nurture their most precious goals.

Appreciative Inquiry

Amy began mediating domestic disputes in 2008 through a training program in the Department of Mediation Services of the Domestic Division of Franklin County, Ohio Common Pleas Court. She now volunteers as a Court mediator, and mediates private clients in the areas of shared parenting, divorce, and family conflict.

Amy attended The Ohio State University College of Social Work and graduated in June of 2011, and is now licensed as a Social Worker by the Ohio State Board of Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists.

Also in 2011, Amy joined the Central Ohio Academy of Collaborative Divorce Professionals, through which an interdisciplinary team of attorneys, financial experts, and mental health professionals work together with clients to promote thoughtful, cooperative decisions for long term satisfaction in divorce outside of court.