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Family of Four

Classes & Workshops

As an independent contractor with Action for Children, Amy teaches the acclaimed class: The Art of Positive Parenting (TAPP). The class is a powerful, 12-hour interactive course that offers parents strategies for supportive and productive communication, effective discipline, and stress management. Many of the TAPP offerings are tailored for specific audiences in businesses, schools, and agencies, including the Parents Who Parent Separately class for parents whose children are parented in two separate households.

As an independent contractor with Action for Children, Amy presents the in-person and on-line version of Putting the Children First, a required 2-hour seminar for divorcing parents in Franklin County, Ohio.

Classes and workshops for the community, schools, businesses, attorneys, including:

Developing Empathy in Children
Discipline That Really Works
The Battle over Rules
Living with Adult Children
Mutual Problem Solving
Teaching Children Self-Control
Bullying Prevention
Avoiding Power Struggles
Creating Family Rituals
Teens and the Media
Sibling Rivalry
Dealing with Everyday Teen Conflicts
Stress and the Family
Teenagers: Time to Let Go (of what??)
Alleviating Homework Headaches
Parental Authority – Current Trends and Outcomes
Teaching Children Responsibility

Crafting a Developmentally Appropriate Parenting Plan
Co-parenting In the Teen Years
Stress Management for High Conflict Parents
Working Together when Parenting Apart Strategies for Communication
Giving Children a Voice in Parenting Decisions
Parental Alienation
Keeping Children out of the Middle of Adult Conflict

Working with High-Conflict Parents
Engaging Parents as Partners
Engaging Parent Involvement
Everyday Stress Management
Maximizing a Team Approach