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What People are Saying

Clients and students in Amy’s classes consistently report that working with Amy they achieve and exceed their goals for reducing stress, connecting with their children, and managing their co-parenting with greater ease. Here are some examples of what they say:

“I’ve recommended (parent coaching) to all my friends. Seriously, It changed my life.” - mother of 3

“I was miserable …Amy helped me step back from (my) crazy thoughts and work through them. She helped me understand my children better.” - divorcing father of 3

“Amy is very therapeutic. She took a horrible story we would give her and find the opportunities.” – high-conflict co-parents

“My daughter and I really communicate so much better. I love it!” - mother of a teenage daughter

“Relationships will always be hard, but I know I can deal with them so much better. I tell all of my clients, friends and family about this class.” - father after taking The Art of Positive Parenting

“I am so much more clear about what I want and need. Also I am so blown away about how calm I stay during tough situations.” - mother after 6 weeks of parenting class

“The main goal was to get through it in the best way possible for the kids. And we are doing that! And for ourselves!” – mother of 3

“Usually they (pre-schoolers) show their emotions and challenges through play in some kind of aggressive nature. I haven’t even noticed a ‘hic-cup’”. – Preschool teacher of a child while parents were divorcing

“I had all my school conferences today. My daughter’s enrichment teacher said (my daughter) seems to feel really confident and secure, and it is really clear she loves and feels comfortable with both parents. The teacher said, ‘That’s not always the way it is. Children say they don’t want to go to their dad’s, or don’t want to go to their mom’s. Most children have some way of acting out or say bad things about a parent. Whatever process you are using, it is amazing to watch you go through this and not be angry and hateful toward each other. You should duplicate this approach.’” – divorcing mother of 3, reporting on a school conference for her 9 year old

“You saved us so much money!” – parents who settled out of court with co-parent coaching

“I remember you telling us the beginning you are not allowed to fight!! And when we did, you helped us to bring it back and try again.” – divorcing couple

“When Amy listens, she doesn’t just sit us down and look at us and talk to us. She gets us doing something fun and then she asks us what we think. And she listens to us, she doesn’t just say she is listening, she really does. You can tell. She helps us come up with solutions to our problems that we may not have thought of, and then she says stuff like, what do you think?” - daughter of divorcing parents, age 9