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Teacher with Kids

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Many teachers face challenges in dealing with parents. Difficult situations can arise anytime the parent and teacher have different expectations or opinions about a child’s education, behavior or academic achievements. In addition, some teachers are put in the difficult position of communicating with two parents who don’t agree with one another on essential elements that affect the child’s education, or who may be antagonistic to school personnel and/or to one another. Amy provides education and coaching that empowers teachers to relate to parents in ways that are productive and respectful to all parties.

Amy provides workshops for teachers on supporting children during divorce, co-parent communication, and interacting with high-conflict parents.

Mediation is also a valuable resource when all parties voluntarily agree to meet and have a facilitated discussion. Mediation is appropriate for many issues including communication, homework, attendance, safety, and instructional issues; as well as issues within the school staff and administration.